Corporate Governance Structure

WT Microelectronics is devoted to establishing a comprehensive corporate governance system. In addition to compliance with laws and regulations, we also carry out the following principles actively:
1. Establish an effective corporate governance structure
2. Ensure shareholders’ rights and interests
3. Strengthen the Board of Directors’ competence
4. Exercise Functional Committees’ functions
5. Respect stakeholders’ rights and interests
6. Enhance information disclosure transparency
The Board of Directors, the core of corporate governance structure, not only provides strategic guidance in operating, but also supervises the managers’ operating performance. It is also the highest governance department, under which the Remuneration Committee, Internal Audit Department, and General Manager are set. These three units perform their own functions to assist the Board of Directors in supervising the company and implementing each operational activity effectively to create the most benefit for all shareholders.

The organization, rights, and responsibilities of the corporate governance structure of WT Microelectronics are illustrated as follows: