I wear a mask to protect you, you wear a mask to protect me.

Shareholders Meeting Taking Appropriate Precautions

Shareholders Meeting Taking Appropriate Precautions

The first action of appropriate precautions of COVID-19 is shareholders meeting. WT is the first public company in Taiwan to hold a shareholders meeting in 2020. In response to the new crown pneumonia, the announcement of the epidemic prevention measures of the shareholders meeting is in accordance with the local government guidelines, including home and backup teleconference, temperature measurement of entrance, alcohol hand disinfection, announcement of epidemic prevention measures, establishment of isolation areas for shareholders with fever, social distance of more than one meter, all participants wearing masks throughout the process, number of participants, and crowd control measures, successfully completed the shareholders meeting. The appropriate precautions have also become the best model for each company.

Work from home

The second action of appropriate precautions of COVID-19 is "Work from home programme", it is including:

  • Implement flexible hours for employees to go to and from work to ease the flow of people.
  • Reduce unnecessary meetings and business trips and use telephone, email and teleconference communication instead.
  • All employees shall report COVID-19 exposure every day online.
  • Visitors will gather on one floor for meetings, and observe the pre-measurement of body temperature, wear masks, wash hands with alcohol and fill in health questionnaires.
  • All employees are strict to accept the face recognition body temperature measurement mechanism.
  • Strengthen precautions before holidays.
  • Centralized counter processing management about delivery.
  • Strengthen office disinfection.
  • Providing 15 pieces of medical masks for all employees.
  • Provide 75% alcohol hand sanitizer for all employees.
  • On-Site dining supplement.
  • Practice remote work to keep social distancing.

Remote work Programme

The third action of appropriate precautions of COVID-19 is "Remote Work Programme", it is including:

  • Flexible Remote Work Programme.
  • All "Remote Work Programme" participants shall report to COVID-19 Support mechanism through conference call and teleconference.
  • All "Remote Work Programme" participants shall report COVID-19 exposure.
  • Supervisor shall concern their workers proactively.
▼ The statistics of "Remote Work Programme" participants in Taiwan from February to May 2020 (Unit: Person)
(A) Quarantine for 14 days47
(WT offering 100% salary for "Remote Work Programme" participants amid pandemic)
◎ Living in close quarters12
◎ The one were within where has COVID-19 ricks5
◎ The one were within where has COVID-19 ricks during holidays26
◎ WT COVID-19 Precautions Mechanism4
(B) Quarantine for 14 days15
◎ The workers return to Taiwan from China15
(C) Quarters have been exposed to COVID-190

Warehouse Management amid Pandemic

The fourth action of appropriate precautions of COVID-19 is "Warehouse Management", it is including:

  • WT made "PDC COVID-19 Management Measures" for Warehouse in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Singapore, and South Korea.
  • "Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning" launched.
  • Social distance action.
  • Established 20 person support team in Taiwan for "Employee Scheduling & Shift Planning".
  • Take emergency measures in warehouses in various regions, in response to the epidemic prevention, a country locked, the flight reduced or the employee quarantine, such as the Logistics of Hong Kong support emergently Shenzhen and Malaysia.
  • WT got highly regarded from clients of appropriate precautions of "Warehouse Management".

"Warehouse Management" includes specific social distance guidelines.

"Warehouse Management" dining social distance supplement.

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