Empowering a Better Future

WT is committed to creating a better world through the power of our technology and the passion of our employees. We believe that the health of our company and local communities where we operate depends on an increasingly inclusive community of innovators prepared for the jobs of the future. WT Microelectronics established the WT Education Foundation in February 2015. We are collaborating with others to broaden access to opportunity, address global challenges and support community needs, and inspire the next generation of innovators.

The two main themes of the WT Education Foundation are "Inspire the Next Generation" and "Respecting Life". The total amount of expenditure donated by the WT Education Foundation in 2019 was NT$7,560,000. The number of participants or beneficiaries reached 160,717 people.

Flipped Education

Zheng-Min Elementary School, Yunlin County KIST Private (2017~2022)

We are cooperating with the local government helping schools in remote areas to introduce excellent teachers and provide equal educational opportunities through public and private cooperation.

◎ Contribution: NT$10 million
◎ Our Partner: Cheng Zhi Education Foundation

Contribution Program of Junyi Education Academy Teacher Training Project Junyi Experimental High School Creative Experimental Course Plan (2015~2020)

Junyi Education School introduces new educational concepts in a systematic way and encourages teachers to think creatively. The Experimental High School Creativity Group Experimental Course is to train students with three non-disciplinary knowledge including "International Hospitality", "Green Architecture" and "Contemporary Art" through practical and experiential teaching curriculum programs.

◎ Contribution: NT$2 million per year
◎ Our Partner: The Alliance Cultural Foundation

"The child's other eye" Campus Photography Deep Plowing Project (2019~2020)

Enter a rural elementary school to bring companionship and care with photography teaching, while enhancing aesthetics and character education.

◎ Contribution: NT$1 million per year
◎ Our Partner: The Alliance Cultural Foundation (Dayan Culture Association in 2019)

College of Social Sciences, Fu Jen Catholic University "Student Self-Learning Award Program" (2017~2019)

Encourage students to set up a community to learn independently to participate in thematic projects and competitions set by the college.

◎ Contribution: NT$100,000 per year
◎ Our Partner: College of Social Sciences, Fu Jen Catholic University

CYM Theater "A Trip to Rural Drama” (2018~2019)

The CYM Theater, established in the East Rift Valley of Huadong, created the first scene in the lives of rural children through a "pastoral drama tour".

◎ Contribution: NT$200,000 per year
◎ Our Partner: CYM Association

Powerful Social Impact

Full-time Teaching Project (2015~2019)

In order to balance learning resources and eliminate the gap between urban and rural areas, recruit more than 100 youths with a sense of mission, and use generations to influence generations to participate in rural elementary schools in Taitung, Tainan, Pingtung, Yunlin, Hualien, Nantou.

◎ Contribution: NT$900,000 per year
◎ Our Partner: Teach for Taiwan Foundation

Academic Year Online Course Counseling Program (2015~2019) and The Experimental Education Program of Yuan Sheng International Academy (2019)

The college students in the city use digital technology to teach remotely to accompany junior high school students in Xinyi Township, Nantou County. Let the children of the Xinyi Township tribe walk from the mountains to the city, and create a way of education.

◎ Contribution: NT$500,000 per year (The Experimental Education Program of Yuan Sheng International Academy NT$300,000)
◎ Our Partner: Vox Nativa Taiwan

Young Student Scholarship Program (2016~2019)

Encourage students from the cold and cold colleges who are both excellent in character and learning, and exchange activities, broaden their horizons and stimulate unlimited potential.

◎ Contribution: NT$200,000 per year
◎ Our Partner: Yanxing Taiwan

Nutrition Control Series Activities for Kidney Disease in "Kidney-enriching Canteen" and Yunlin Mailiao organized kidney disease screening and health education activities (2016, 2018~2019)

Assist kidney patients to return to a good diet for life, create a "Kidney-Benefiting" life, and screen out risk groups for kidney disease through screening, assist in referral to medical institutions and continue to track services.

◎ Contribution: A total of NT$950,000
◎ Our Partner: Kidney Disease Prevention Foundation

Premature Birth Prevention and Education Promotion Public Welfare Plan (2015~ 2020)

Every year in Taiwan around 20,000 newborn preemie babies require the help. WT launched Miracle Preemie Baby to Champion Programme supporting premature and sick newborns, their families and the hospitals that care for them.For families, the experience of having a baby come into the world not as expected or planned is life changing.

◎ Contribution: NT$1.5 million per year (NT$500,000 in 2018 and 2019)
◎ Our Partner: Premature Baby Foundation of Taiwan

WT 2019 ESG Report

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