WT Social Policy &Code of Conduct Mapping Global Frameworks

WT has developed UNCAC Anti-corruption Policy, Social Policy & Code of Conduct and SDGs Policy in 2020 that take into account the concept of shared value and frameworks such as the UN Global Compact, International Labor Standards, OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

WT believes that ethical governance is a core requirement of doing business, a competitive advantage, and the right thing to do. Our Social Policy & Code of Conduct ethical leadership inspires confidence in our future and creates a safe, supportive work environment for our employees that guides how we responsibly conduct ourselves every day.

Through Social Policy & Code of Conduct, which is available in 2 languages, we also communicate our ethical expectations, including compliance with our Code principles and policies to our suppliers and third parties. We seek to promote honest and ethical conduct and support compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Human beings are diverse, showing tolerance and diversity is WT's constant value. The best way for the world to work for is for everyone to participate. Diversity and Innovation Creating Opportunities. The most innovative company must also be the most diverse.

Diversity and Innovation

Total number of employees by gender (Unit: Person)

Male: 1,399
Female: 996

Total number of employees by region (Unit: Person)

Salary and Benefit Plan

WT offer benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees, it is including:

  1. Life insurance,
  2. Health care,
  3. Disability and invalidity coverage,
  4. Parental leave,
  5. Retirement provision,
  6. Others. New year gift cash, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival gift money or gifts, congratulation money for colleagues' marriage, birthday, spouse birth, sympathy money for colleagues in hospitalization, family funerals, and discounts at dozens of high-quality special stores.
  7. We have set a goal for employee healthcare plans. The headquarters in Taiwan will apply for the certification of sports companies organized by the local government.

WT Salary and Benefit Plan Expense are growing Year-Over-Year (YOY) (Unit: NT$1,000)

Boundary1:① ②

2333Hours of Training
Full-time Employees have Undertaken

WT total 2,333 hours of training full-time employees have undertaken. We are dedicated to creating a "Training & Development Roadmap". The roadmap is built up on the functional attributes and job position, tailor-made training courses to enhance the professional ability of employees. And the training & development roadmap includes language training, corporate core values, leadership development, functional expertise training, new hire orientation program, and work skills training.

For more information, please check out WT 2019 Annual Report Page 134

Customer Privacy

The customer privacy concepts are covered in key instruments of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). WT conscientiously addresses the topic of customer privacy, including losses of customer data and breaches of customer privacy. These can result from non-compliance with existing laws, regulations and/or other voluntary standards regarding the protection of customer privacy.

Information Security

  • Implement endpoint protection for personal computers and server anti-virus software.
  • Avoid virus threats to personal computers and server equipment within the company.
  • Update the virus pattern immediately.
  • Real-time scanning and monitoring of suspicious programs.

Mail Protection

  • Spam protection adds advanced threat protection modules to prevent phishing emails from defrauding smart data.
  • Active warning system, actively notifying threats and setting changes.

Intranet and External Network Protection

  • External network firewall equipment should have the ability to recognize applications and strengthen the defense against external attacks.
  • Intranet firewall can limit the range of access services available to users and isolate the network segments between the user area and the server area.

Employee Benefits CommitteeStrive to provide benefits meet the varying needs of employees

The Basketball Club competes for the 2019 third season of TGB basketball league highest honor and gets the championship.

Varying Clubs and Empowering Communities

WT established "WT Group United Employee Benefits Committee" strived to provide benefits, and services that help meet the varying needs of our employees. It is including 7 clubs and empowering communities.

The Happy Running Club calls on company colleagues to participate in the Standard Chartered Marathon and Jiji Marathon. Among the participants, there are many long-term runners who love road running. In addition to encouraging each other to complete the race, they also exchange health and sports information.

The Basketball Club hosted carnival-style events with fun and excitement for all of the guests and participants each month. The Basketball Club players with great teamwork compete for the third season of TGB basketball league highest honor and get the championship eventually.

The Badminton Club hosts carnival-style events occasionally, the summer parent-child badminton camp is also held, attracting colleagues and children to participate together, increasing parent-child interaction and promoting harmonious relations.

The Board Game Club hosts board games occasionally, it is more open for colleagues and family members to play together, and selected parent-child board games allow colleagues to accompany their children to play with talent and creativity.

The Flower Arrangements Club hosts flower arrangement courses every month, and special courses are offered every year on important festivals, such as a slick flower course on Mother's Day.

The Cooking Club exotic cuisine and baking courses, which are conducted in groups for two persons. The cooking competitions are always with the great smell and joy of the food. Cupcake courses are offered on Christmas Day.

The Mountain Climbing Club is a brand new club. The leader has a professional climbing license and rich experience. Leading members to visit the beautiful mountains and rivers. In addition to the difficult climbing activities, the easy Mountain Climbing is also organized with parent-child activities.

Exercise course / Fitness Center

The company attaches great importance to the physical and mental health of its colleagues and promotes the management philosophy of how to resist stress, relieve stress and improve its own health. Therefore, it continues to hire "The glory from Taiwan" teacher Lin Yongqing to teach yoga courses. The multifunctional classroom will be officially opened in 2020 to provide colleagues with a comfortable and safe exercise space. It is hoped that the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of colleagues for participating in sports courses can be effectively increased. It also launched various fitness courses such as heavy training, TRX, flywheel, and aerial yoga together with the China National Sports Center to encourage colleagues to exercise adequately and improve their physical fitness.

Comfortable Nursing Room

The comfortable nursing room is specially created for mothers. It is equipped with all-weather optimal temperature adjustment and access control. It also provides a variety of intimate equipment such as refrigerators, freezers, and bottle sterilizers for breast milk storage.

Inspirational activities by Departmental

Inspirational activities allow colleagues to participate, including fun baking to increase the tacit understanding and identity of colleagues; handmade leather goods courses from the most basic leather to make it into unique leather goods; outdoor activities include mountain climbing, escape room, paintball. The total number is 485 of participants in 2019.

Staff travel
Participants increased by 1.5 times

Employee Benefits Committee staff travel activities, for the family travel part of colleagues, plans the most anticipated parent-child play activities, so that colleagues with children can exchange parenting information with each other, and children can also make new friends.

Travel arrangement includes parent-child experience, carnival paradise, extreme challenge, and beautiful scenery. In 2019, a total of 1,054 employee trips participated, which was 1.5 times the increase compared to the 753 employee trips in 2018 last year. The main reason is that this year, the large increase in the itinerary with higher employee satisfaction and the enthusiasm for employee participation.

WT involved club and volunteering

WT involved club and volunteering since 2019, encouraging environmental protection, and assisting small farmers in planting, and learning from empowering communities.

WT Volunteering cleaned the beach at Shazhuwan Beach in 2019. It was about 150 meters long along the coastline. A total of 257 kg of marine garbage was collected on the same day. The clean mountain was located on the Chaoyang National Trail, with a total length of 2 km.

WT Volunteering farming
Volunteering more than 7 farmers harvesting

WT Volunteering farming for 7 farmers In 2019, it is including the white bamboo shoots field, peanut field and echinacea farmland. It not only provides assistance to small farmers who are unable to harvest, but also promotes agricultural products to increase farmers' income.

WT Christmas Sweet Volunteering
Contributed to non-profit organizations

The content of WT Christmas Sweet Volunteering includes the "heart-warming and happy donation" second-hand material contribution event and the "Christmas Charity Twist" charity gashapon event.

The second-hand material donations are mainly books, daily necessities, invoices and cash, and a total of 128 donated materials, all contributed to the non-profit organization charity group of the "Nurturing Social Welfare Foundation".

A total of 629 gifts were purchased, totaling NT$272,480. All income from the gashapon event totaled NT$95,200, which was contributed to the non-profit organizations of the "Yuren Kaineng Center", "Nanhai Development Center", "Sacred Heart Children's Development Center", and "Wanda Community Home".

Circular Economy Event

Employee Benefits Committee contributed to Laptops, desktop computers, monitors, MFPs, etc. were donated to the Chong Ai Development Center attached to the First Social Welfare Foundation. In 2019, a total of 540 pieces were valued at NT$968,820.

Since 2016, the Employee Benefits Committee has been implementing the Circular Economy Event of contributing to Electronic goods.

Visually Impaired Programme
The total numbers of benefits are 1,049 persons

For the past 4 years, the Welfare Committee has continuously cooperated with the New Taipei City Blind Welfare Association, a non-profit organization, to arrange visually impaired masseurs to provide massage services for colleagues.

Since 2016, WT employees have been recognized for helping visually workers, it has increased job opportunities for the visually impaired. The total of 1,049 job opportunities have been provided in 2019.

Spending on NGOs Programme

Employee Benefits Committee cooperated with Gan Le Wenchuang and Jixian Shelter Workshop to promote public welfare products. Gan Le Wenchuang accompanied 100 children in the Three Gorges hometown through bereavement, bereavement, dropou. Jixian Sheltered Workshop aims to provide local employment and workplaces and take care of children with disabilities.

Employee Benefits Committee Spending on NGOs Programme purchased 1,120 boxes of "Gan Le Wenchuang Black Bean Tea Gift Box" with a total amount of NT$1,147,000 during the Spring Festival.And we purchased 1,100 boxes of honey gift boxes, a total amount of NT$1,487,200 on Mother's Day, and 1,090 boxes of egg roll gift box love, total amount of NT$517,080 on Father's Day.

Support the establishment Taipei Medical University Shuanghe campus and the medical equipment for vertigo in Shuang-Ho Hospital

WT contributed to NT$500,000 to Taipei Medical University to support the establishment of the Shuanghe campus in April 2019. WT also contributed to a donation of NT$1.16 million to the Department of Health and Welfare Shuang-Ho Hospital's Vertigo and Balance Disorder Center for the purchase of digital eye vibrometer equipment in August 2019.

Taipei Medical University is ranked 362nd in the 2018 QS World University Rankings and No. 1 in domestic private schools. It also ranked No. 1 in the medical category and No. 1 in private universities in Taiwan’s Best University Rankings by Foresight Magazine, with outstanding performance. In May 2019, construction of the campus was started in Shuanghe District (next to Shuang-Ho Hospital) in New Taipei City. WT is to benefit the local people with the goal of giving back to the community and improving the quality of diagnosis and treatment, and fulfilling empowering communities.

WT 2019 ESG Report

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