WT Education Foundation Empowering a Better Future

WT strives to cultivate public welfare activities for society so that we can achieve the goal of sustainable operation.

WT Education Foundation was established in December 2014. The two topics are "diversified learning, flipped education" and "caring for the disadvantaged and giving back". The amount of donation was NT$8.66 million in 2020, and the cumulative amount of donations and activities has reached NT$47,693,640 since 2014.

NT$ 47million

The cumulative amount of donations and activities has reached NT$47,693,640 since 2014

WT Education Foundation CEO Michelle Wen (left 3), WT Executive Director Kerry Hsu (left 4), WT Education Foundation Director Stanley Yen (left 5), WT Chairman Eric Cheng (left 6), WT Education Foundation Chairman David Yang (right 4), WT Education Foundation Director Gerald Kuo (right 2).

We illuminate the kids for now
They will lighting the planet eventually

Autonomous public welfare project

WT Education Foundation /
WT "Fantastic Village" campus photography project

A photo to feel the child's mindful vision and activate the child’s potential and concentration.

WT Education Foundation supports the Campus Photography Project in 2019~2020 with Xu Zhenjie as the host of the project. The project is in Ruibin Elementary School in Ruifang District, New Taipei City, Minyi Elementary School in Sanxia District, New Taipei City, Xingren Elementary School in Danshui District, New Taipei City, Daxi Elementary School in Toucheng Town, Yilan County, Shimin Elementary School in Suao Town, Yilan County, Yilan County 188 students participated in the Leshui School of Datong Elementary School in Datong Township.

In the first scene of education, photography may be just a medium. The companionship and enthusiasm of photography volunteers ignites children's infinite imagination and curiosity. When children present amazing works, that unique look proves Child's own pride.

The smile is sunshine from children eyes

Funded Project 1

Cooperative unit: The Alliance Cultural Foundation
Cooperation matters: Junyi Education School Program
Cooperation period: 2015 ~ 2020

WT Education Foundation has sponsored The Alliance Cultural Foundation since 2015 and assisted Junyi Education School Program. Junyi Education School Program includes elementary school, middle school, and high school in 2019.

To provide education for whole-person development, the primary school adopts Waldorf education, and the national and senior high schools develop six-year experimental courses, including "international connection", "life exploration", "creative study group", "professional general education" and "autonomy" The "Learning" course is in 2020.

Once faced with abandoned school
Become an extended school after 3 years

Funded Project 2

Cooperative unit: Cheng Zhi Education Foundation
Cooperation matters: Zheng-Min Elementary School, Yunlin County KIST Private
Cooperation period: 2017 ~ 2022

Zheng-Min Elementary School in Taiwan was founded in 1948. There are only 27 students left in the school in 2017. To change the destiny of this school next to the prison, the local government agreed to run it publicly and privately, and entrusted Cheng Zhi Education Foundation to take over. WT Education Foundation is a long-term donation to Cheng Zhi Education Foundation. With the number of students in the school reaching 111 in 2020, Zheng-Min Elementary School has become the first choice for local students.

According to the latest statistics, the principals of Zheng-Min Elementary School and the teachers of Teach For Taiwan (TFT) total 15 people, with an average age of 27.8 years. It is expected that the enrollment of new students for the latest year will increase by one class.

Cheng Zhi Education Foundation borrowed from the successful experience of the Knowledge Is Power Program (KIPP) in the United States to operate a public and private school in Taiwan, KIPP-Inspired School In Taiwan (KIST), and cultivate students' seven qualities: enthusiasm, optimism, curiosity, gratitude, self-control, and perseverance, social wisdom.

Rescuing the child will also bring a different life to many families

Funded Project 3

Cooperative unit: Taiwan Premature Baby Foundation
Cooperation matters: Premature Birth Prevention and Education
Cooperation period: 2015 ~ 2020

In 2020, the population of Taiwan will experience negative growth in the first year, and the number of newborns will hit a record low. In 2020, there will be 165,249 births, of which the proportion of premature babies is about 8%.

WT Education Foundation and the Taiwan Premature Baby Foundation have been jointly committed to the correct education and knowledge of early treatment and health care of premature infants, so that premature infants can embrace healthy and happy growth since 2015. WT sponsored the publication of "Dear Physician Mother", which wrote stories about the care of premature babies one after another by the guardians of premature babies, and also constructed a bible for the care of newborn premature babies for the first-line nursing staff. The total amount of NT$684,519 from the book charity sale was donated to the Taiwan Premature Baby Foundation.

Equal educational opportunities
Reduce educational resources between cities and countryside

Funded Project 4

Cooperative unit: Teach For Taiwan (TFT)
Cooperation matters: Teacher training plan for full-time teaching projects
Cooperation period: 2015 ~ 2020

Teach For Taiwan (TFT) was established in 2013 with the purpose of cultivating teachers and deploying teachers to rural areas in Taiwan to provide equal educational opportunities for local children. WT Education Foundation has donated TFT for 6 consecutive years from 2015 to 2020 to carry out a full-time teaching project of the 2-year teacher training program. So far, TFT has sent 212 program members to 8 Taiwan cities and served 68 schools in total. Affecting more than 5,000 schoolchildren, and the satisfaction of feedback from partner schools is as high as 97%.

Education is a key way to close the gap between the rich and the poor stated by The World Bank and The Economist. Miracles happen through excellent teachers in classrooms around the world. WT Education Foundation and TFT expect that all children regardless of class in Taiwan will have equal educational opportunities.

Provide academic counseling for rural children through remote digital learning

Funded Project 5

Cooperative unit: Vox Native Taiwan
Cooperation matters: Academic Year Online Course Counseling Program
Cooperation period: 2015 ~ 2020

WT Education Foundation supports Vox Native Taiwan to implement the Academic Year Online Course Counseling Program for junior high school, high school and higher vocational students in Xinyi Township, Nantou County, Taiwan, from Monday to Friday nights.

As teachers, university students in Taipei City provide online teaching for rural students through distance teaching, reducing the digital gap.

The game learning platform
Let us change the world

Funded Project 6

Cooperative unit: Program the World Association (PTWA)
Cooperation matters: MLGame Platform
Cooperation period: 2020 ~ 2022

WT Education Foundation supports Program the World Association (PTWA) to promote the machine learning platform, using program building blocks, competition systems and artificial intelligence game development to inspire students.

Since the start of the course in 2018, the number of registrations on the platform has exceeded 1,500.

Journey of developmental disabilities Kids

Funded Project 7

Cooperative unit: Autism Foundation of the Republic of China
Cooperation matters: Promote Caregiver Skills Training Program (WHO-CST)
Cooperation period: 2020 ~ 2022

WT Education Foundation cooperates with the Autism Foundation of the Republic of China to promote Caregiver Skills Training Program (WHO-CST).

There are 14,732 children with developmental delays in Taiwan, and the number of school-age disabled children has an average annual growth rate of 6% over the past ten years in 2019.

CST's plan focuses on family-centered early intervention services, and promotes the development of children's abilities and reduces deviant behaviors.

The NGO predicts that the cumulative service can reach more than 352 families, affecting 49,280 people from 2020 to 2022.

Create the first scene for childs
Why can't rural children watch the show!

Funded Project 8

Cooperative unit: CYM Association
Cooperation matters: A trip to the rural drama
Cooperation period: 2018 ~ 2020

The CYM Association was established in 2015. Starting from Hualien city to across Taiwan, creating the first scene in the children's life!

They produce new dramas year by year. The main screenwriter and director is the founder of the association, Professor Xu Zihan from the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, Donghua University. Hands-on is the very important spirit of the CYM Association.

Tour results

  • There will be a total of 314 performances in 2020, attracting more than 23,790 people
  • The path is about 28,681 kilometers, about 23 times around the island
  • Cumulatively cultivated nearly 7,345 volunteers
  • Taiwan Island: All counties and cities have performed. Outlying islands: Green Island and Orchid Island have performed
  • Footprints have covered 13 administrative districts of Hualien County and completed the performance record of 86 elementary schools in Hualien County