VCU Reference Kit V10

Product nameVCU Reference Kit V10
ST Product part number SPC574K72E7
Short Description Provide VCU kit solution, inculding Hardware and software design, support custmers deeply to develop, and reduce develop cycles and cost
Type of Product Components and Modules
Description and features list * 1. Hardware Reference
a. Schematic Diagram for VCU
b. Cutomized Hardware Layout&PCBA sample board
2. Software Reference
a. Demo Source Code For Democar(C SourceCode ,Reference Manual)
b. MCAL Configuration Reference
c. ETAS OS & RTA BSW Configuration Reference (library and header files)
d. L9788 Complex Driver Source Code , Configure Guide & Reference Manual
e. VCU BSW Totally Solution(library and header files)
f. ASW Sample Code For Torque Management(Source Code or Model)
3.Function Safety Integration(Source Code& Reference Manual)
a. SafeWdg_Ext_IF
b. HSDLSDDriver_Diag_IF
c. VoltageMonitor_IF
Evaluation Version Yes
Deliverables (SW only) LLA source
License type (SW only) Free