Corporate Governance Structure

WT Microelectronics is devoted to establishing a comprehensive corporate governance system. In addition to compliance with laws and regulations, we also carry out the following principles actively:
1. Establish an effective corporate governance structure.
2. Ensure shareholders' rights and interests.
3. Strengthen the Board of Directors' competence.
4. Exercise Functional Committees' functions.
5. Respect stakeholders' rights and interests.
6. Enhance information disclosure transparency.

The Board of Directors, the core of corporate governance structure is the highest governance department, not only providing strategic guidance in operating but also supervising the managers' operating performance. The Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee, Nominating Committee, Sustainable Development Committee and Auditing Office are set under the Board of Directors and the senior vice president Kerry Hsu was appointed as the Company Secretary on May 8, 2019. These units perform their own functions to assist the Board of Directors in supervising the Company and implementing each operational activity effectively in order to build the foundation of corporate sustainability.
For functional considerations, combined with strengthening the assessment and analysis of risks related to sustainable development, the Risk Management Committee abolished on November 15, 2023, and the governance mechanism of the Risk Management Committee merged into the Sustainable Development Committee for execution, and the "Sustainable Development Team" and the "Risk Management Team" are set under the Sustainable Development Committee to implement the promotion and execution of sustainable development work and continue to improve the risk management system to move towards the Company's sustainable development goals.