Training and Development

WT Microelectronics believes in nurturing talent and values the holistic development of our employees. We build a sound work environment and strive towards our corporate goals with an emphasis on our core values. Our employees possess the capabilities to deal with future changes in a rapidly evolving business environment. We have a comprehensive training and development roadmap in place, allowing our employees to effectively apply what they have learned and excel in their work.

WT Microelectronics Training & Development Roadmap

New Hire Orientation Program

We assist new hires in assimilating to a new work environment through various training activities and a mentoring system, and assist them in identifying with the corporate culture and management principles.

Work Skills Training

We provide periodical training for our employees to improve soft and hard skills required at work in order to enhance work efficiency.

Functional Expertise Training

All business units provide their members with professional skills and know-how throughout on-the-job training.

Leadership Development

We provide tailor-made management and leadership modules for employees at various levels to help improve management skills and foster leadership thinking among department heads. This equips employees with the necessary know-how and drives them to lead their teams in achieving the organization’s goals.

Language Training

We provide our employees with foreign language training, which helps them to develop excellent business communication skills, expand their global horizons and become top-notch professionals.