Compensation and Benefits

WT Microelectronics provides competitive compensation and benefits that far exceed the minimum legal requirements. The benefits that employees enjoy include the following:


We organize activities including company-wide trips, dinner gatherings at the department level, club activities and year-end parties to further bolster the company’s team spirit based on the value of participative management.


We provide various reimbursements, such as parking fees and telephone charges for out-of-office duties, medical checkups, as well as retirement pension and mandatory provident fund schemes. We treat our employees like family and provide them with great care.

Bonuses and Gifts

We offer gifts, year-end bonuses and performance bonuses based on regular staff reviews, allowing employees to share and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


We offer several kinds of insurances, including medical insurance, work injury compensation and work accident compensation to promote harmonious labor relations.


In addition to our leave system and flexible working hours that go far beyond legal requirements, we also offer perks at affiliated stores, books, nursing rooms and a gym to encourage a healthy lifestyle for every member of the WT Microelectronics family.