Intellectual Property Management

The Company enacts the Intellectual Property Management Plan, which is combined with company business operation goals and research and development resources. It is hoped that by the active and effective management of intellectual properties, research and development results can be protected, risks in business operation can be reduced, trust between cooperation partners as well as clients can be consolidated, corporate value can be created, and the Company′s advantage in competition in the industry can further be strengthened.

Intellectual Property Management Plan and Risk Response Measures

  1. Measures to Protect Trade Secrets:
    The Company explicitly sets up rules and the system for the management of confidential obligations, incorporates issues of trade secrets and confidential obligations in new employee trainings, and regularly promotes it to all employees. Also, the Company asks employees to strictly comply with their confidential obligations in the employment agreement to raise employees′ awareness and acknowledgments in protecting the Company′s confidential information. Furthermore, to prevent confidential information from being stolen, being altered, being destroyed, disappearing or being disclosed, the Company adopts concrete measures relevant to the strengthen of information security such as: continuously maintains the operation of information safety facilities, sets different confidential levels for documents, establishes system authorization management, manages and controls retrievals of confidential information, and regularly performs internal audits. To avoid disputes relevant to infringements of rights, the Company strictly reviews the confidential clauses of various commercial contracts for the purpose of appropriately protecting the Company′s rights and limiting the Company′s liabilities.
  2. Patent Protection Measures:
    The Company′s patent management measures mainly include: consolidates resources from different departments to conduct industry analysis and patent strategy plans, strengthens patent portfolios, and manages patents in a systematic way. Regarding the protection and maintenance of patents, prevention of disputes and risk management, the Company works closely with external patent firms to conduct the patent search when planning patent portfolios and regularly follow up the latest technology in the industry for detailed analysis of risks of infringements and making the plan for it in advance. In this way, the Company′s patents can be protected and maintained, violations of others′ patents can be strictly prevented and that the Company can be effectively defended in patent litigations.
  3. Trademark Protection Measures:
    Since the establishment of the Company, the Company has been actively managing trademark portfolios to protect trademark rights. In response of market expansion, the Company reflects relevant trademark portfolios from time to time. At the same time, to protect the Company′s trademark rights, the Company keeps it eyes on whether there is any similar mark or figure causing confusion in the market.

Intellectual Property Implementation Status

  1. As of October 20, 2023, the result in trademark and patent cases of the Company is provided as following:
    1. Registered trademarks: 5.
    2. Patents: There are 7 invention patents being approved with relevant certificates issued, and there is 1 invention patents in the process of application.
  2. Irregular educational trainings and promotions.
  3. The enactments of the Principles in Reviewing Confidential Agreements and Intellectual Property Right Clauses.
  4. On November 2, 2023, the implementation status of intellectual property management was reported to the Board of Directors to ensure that the implementations and effects of intellectual property management comply with the Company′s expectations and plans. Also, the mechanism for continuous improvements was established.