Protect the Earth

clean green planet -  environment conceptWT Microelectronics has long been promoting energy conservation and carbon reduction projects, dedicated to promoting energy conservation, strengthening employees’ awareness of energy conservation and enhancing resource efficiency in order to reduce the impact and damage to the environment.

Greenhouse Gas We actively promote the greenhouse gas inventory system, and issue the GHG management report to understand the situation of greenhouse gas emissions which can be used as a reference for energy conservation and greenhouse gas emission reduction. The inventory results show the outstanding energy management.
Electricity Consumption Through the inventory check and review, plus necessary equipment investment, we have reduced electricity consumption. We have also installed energy-saving lamps and set up a timer to control the power consumption of air conditioning and lighting. We aim to reduce electricity consumption by 3% per year.
Paper Consumption We incrementally update information systems to reduce the amount of office paper and add scanning function and information management system.
Promote energy conservation and carbon reduction activities We promote energy conservation and carbon reduction activities from time to time, educate employees about the environmental value and further spread the awareness back to the employees’ families. The company and it’s employees work together to achieve the goal of environmental sustainability.
Environmental Management System Certification We have passed ISO 14001 environmental management system and acquired ISO 9001 quality management system certificate. We prevent and control environmental pollution effectively, improve energy efficiency and enhance operational performance as well as reduce costs. We will continue to maintain and improve the environment and quality management system to further improve environmental performance.
Waste Management Measures such as re-using office furniture, donations of reusable material to social welfare groups and recycling of IT related items can avoid waste of resources.