Your Trustworthy Distribution Partner

Established in 1993, WT Microelectronics is a leading professional service provider focusing on the global semiconductor distribution industry. By providing superior supply chain management services to both vendors and customers, WT has successfully positioned itself as a pivotal liaison, bridging upstream and downstream partners. Aiming to co-define the product marketing strategy with upstream vendors as well as to reduce R&D pipeline for downstream customers, WT has persistently strengthened its capability to create value-added services throughout the supply chain.

Headquartered in Taiwan, WT has an extensive marketing and sales channel with over 40 regional offices in China, Korea, Singapore, India, Thailand and Malaysia.

In the past decades, WT has accumulated a strong technical capability and has excelled at future trend interpretation. To deliver optimized services to its business partners, WT has been fully devoted to facilitating the application of upstream components into comprehensive solutions for electronic devices.

WT currently serves as the distribution partner for over 40 global leading semiconductor partners and provides services to over 5,000 quality customers. The products we carry are broadly used in various fields, including communication, computing, consumer electronics, industry & instrument and automotive. Operating at a solid and steady pace, WT’s annual sales for 2014 grew past the century billion mark, totaling NT$107.77 billion.

Professional Services Offerings

Professional Supply Chain Management
Value-added Technical Support
Explore component application opportunities
Facilitate Product Development Timeline