WT Microelectronics (3036 TT) (“WT”) held 2022 shareholders annual general meeting (AGM) today and re-elected the tenth term directors. Physical meeting and videoconferencing were held simultaneously for the first time due to current pandemic situation.

The period of the ninth term directors will end as of June 20, 2022. The tenth term directors re-election was held and AGM elected Cheng, Wen-Tsung, Hsu, Wen-Hung (representative of Wen You Investment Co., Ltd.), Lin Che-Wei (representative of ASMedia Technology Inc.), Sung Kao, Hsin-Ming as directors, and elected Ding, Kung-Wha, Cheng, Tien-Chong, Kung, Ju-Chin as independent directors. There are three female board members and ratio of female board members is 43%. Following the commitment of a diversified board of directors, the elected directors and independent directors have rich professional qualifications in the fields of technology industry, management, finance and taxation, accounting, commerce and so on.

In response to the FSC’s encouragement of issuers to hold AGM in a diversified manner, WT used videoconferencing assisted (hybrid) methods to hold AGM for the first time, so that shareholders can participate in AGM with peace of mind and pandemic prevention. The physical venues have also followed the guidelines of the competent authorities for pandemic prevention operations. The regulations include measuring temperature & sanitizing hand, planning queuing and entry & exit lines, maintaining social distance, adopting fixed seating, requiring the wearing of masks and prohibiting eating & drinking, and so on.

In addition to the approval of the 2021 business report and financial statements and 2021 earnings distribution of cash dividends, AGM passed the amendments to the “Articles of Incorporation”, “The Rules of Procedure of the Shareholders’ Meeting” and the “Procedures for the Acquisition or Disposal of Assets”. In addition, AGM also passed the issuance of new Restricted Employee Shares and cash capital increase within 80 million common shares. All proposals were passed smoothly.

WT has been honored the overall top 5% best result in the 8th governance ranking by TWSE. WT has won these performance for the second time in a row, which shows corporate team work effort of the implementation of corporate sustainability and the promotion of corporate governance have been affirmed again.

Looking forward to Year 2022, Cheng, Wen-Tsung, chairman of WT, said that in the face of the continued global pandemic, the transformation of the technology supply chain and the acceleration of global digitization, WT will continue to improve the layout of the Asia Pacific semiconductor market and enlarge market share and profitability.